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In the Indian education system, tenth standard is a real crucial time and a time of firsts for the students. In most cases, it’s the first time that they give a public board examination and the first time that they have to make a decision on what path they would want to take for their future. And when such “unknown” situations come up in a time when most of these students are fighting a surge of adolescent issues as well, makes it a very turbulent time for many.

It is not necessary to reiterate the importance of this “after 10th” time as it is something each parent and student knows clearly. But the question that needs to be asked is whether such an important situation is dealt with the care, thought and attention that it deserves.

How are the career decisions being made? Is it just about following the norm and doing what everyone else does? Or just following a general unthoughtful advice from a near relative or family friend?

Why do we fail to recognise the fact each and every child is unique in their strengths, weakness, abilities and aspirations, and think about how an unwise decision imposed on them now would pull them back from the successful people they are to become?

The lack of access to proper and effective career guidance makes things even worse. An abysmal proportion of 92% don't even get the tiniest form of career related guidance from their schools. And for most of the people, career guidance still remains a process where they get to see some so called “expert individuals” who acts a database from where they get superficial career information like the list of careers that are in “scope” today or the application deadlines for admission into a specific institution. And people are being forced to “satisfy” themselves with whatever mediocre service is available in their vicinity.

What does “Career Guidance in India” need today?

It is quite evident that for a career development mechanism to yield good results for the big question of career guidance after 10th or 12th, it should be a one where structured application of human intelligence is supported by a scientific and objective approach that comes without the baggage of biases and prejudices. And for this mechanism to be able to solve the problems at a pan-India level, it needs to be accessible to everyone and this can only be made by making full use of the advancements in technology and connectivity.

So to sum it up, the answer to the question that we have at hand is an advanced mechanism that is able to become a perfect combination of technology and human intelligence. Now, do we have such a system in India currently? Fortunately, the answer is yes but before we delve into more details, let’s see what all are the factors that need to be considered so that the process of career guidance after 10th can provide effective results.

Career Guidance after 10th : The factors that need to be considered

  • Checked A student’s internal psychometric traits
    Suitability for a particular career or stream can be directly linked to the various psychometric traits like aptitudes, interests, personality and work value preferences of the student.
  • Checked Other intrapersonal influences and sociological factors
    Apart from the psychometric traits, there are some other important factors that need to be considered like the student’s socio economic background, talents in specific fields, past academic performance and achievements.
  • Checked Environmental/Societal factors
    There are many important “outside” factors that can play a major role in shaping up the future workplace. These include governmental policies, employment markets, technological trends etc. While making a future-proof career decision, these factors also need to be considered.
  • Checked Parent’s perspective about the student
    The parent’s aspirations and expectations about their child is another very important factor that needs to be considered.

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Hikewise – India’s best career development mechanism

Today the country is waking up to the modern age of technology, revolutionizing all aspects of life as it has been traditionally lived in India, including the previously untouched sphere of career counselling. We at Hikewise wanted to be the flag bearers of this change and we believe that our country deserves much better in a very important field like career guidance which has a direct impact on how its future generations would shape up. And this belief is what has motivated us to create the highly scientific Hikewise mechanism which is designed to work at a personalised level for each individual and successfully provides a proper solution to their problems and requirements that are completely unique.

What makes our mechanism work is its holistic approach which is not just limited to psychometric traits but takes into consideration multiple other factors that are important in an individual’s career development process. These factors include their socio-economic background, past academic performance, leadership and other organisational skills, talents in specific fields, religious and cultural background and also the parent’s perspective about the individual.

How Hikewise’s online career counselling works?

Hikewise’s career counselling mechanism is one of its kind where structured application of human intelligence is supported by a scientific and objective approach that comes without the baggage of biases and prejudices.

Our advanced mechanism borne out of extensive research successfully eliminates the influence of human biases using state of the art techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence. And through our career development executive (CDE) training program, we have been able to produce highly skilled individuals who are well trained and equipped to effectively use such a mechanism.

The Hikewise career counselling mechanism works in a simple 3 step process:

  • Checked Online assessment: Hikewise’s online assessment that covers the most important dimensions of a person’s psychometric makeup like Interest, Aptitude, Personality, Work Value Preferences, and Emotional Intelligence
  • Checked Know Yourself: 50+ pages report that delves into great detail on multiple traits that describe a person’s psychometric dimensions. The report gives a detailed definition, a critical analysis based on the score and suggests improvement strategies for each trait assessed by the test. It also gives the five career fields/two stream options that are the best fit for the person.
  • Checked Personalised guidance from experts: Hikewise’s unique post-assessment career counselling mechanism that includes a one to one counselling session with our career expert. At the end of the process, the person get a detailed action plan for your future solving all their needs related to career planning, academic success, and personal and social development

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Who are Hikewise’s online career counsellors?

Hikewise’s online career counsellors are created through the Hikewise Career Development Executive Training Program. Created and delivered by eminent educators, industry experts, psychologists and master trainers, the Hikewise CDE Program is the perfect stepping stone to building a career in the domain of career counselling.

The participants for the Hikewise CDE program selected through a rigorous multi step process where their potential and passion for the field are assessed. The initial phase of the training program runs for a duration of two-three months on both online and offline channels. It focuses on serving an appropriate combination of subjects like psychology, pedagogy, sociology and labour market studies while striking a proper balance between knowledge and theory on the one hand and practical skills and competencies on the other.

On the completion of the initial training program, the CDEs enter the continuous learning environment which we see as a core pillar of our firm’s culture. The multiple learning exercises that happen on a weekly and monthly basis throughout the year enhances their skills, abilities and perceptions enabling them to become the “expert” who gives you the perfect career counselling through the Hikewise post-assessment counselling mechanism.

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