Instructional Designer

As an instructional designer you will be preparing instructional materials, tutorials and articles that serve as training resources for students learning a subject or for consumers or employees on how to use a tool or product.

What does an Instructional Designer do?

Instructional designers are involved in the theory and practice of design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. Their work includes collaborating with subject-experts and developing courses or curricula and creating training materials, such as teaching manuals and student guides. They may also design and develop e-Learning materials like educational podcasts and videos.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Creating educational podcasts, videos and content
  • Checked Designing and revamping both new and established learning models
  • Checked Training others on how to deliver learning material
  • Checked Analyzing the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their use in an instructional environment
  • Checked Researching new innovations in both learning design and education
  • Checked Applying current research and theory to the practice of instructional design
  • Checked Identifying and resolving ethical and legal implications of design in the workplace
  • Checked Selecting and using a variety of techniques for determining instructional content
  • Checked Selecting, modifying, or creating a design and development model appropriate for a given project
  • Checked Providing for the effective implementation of instructional products and programs

Specialisations/Job roles in Instructional Design

A curriculum designer conducts an assessment to determine the learner's needs, identifies the learning environment and existing equipment available for the learners and working with a subject matter expert, designs material that best meets the learner’s needs.
eLearning developers design and develop online courses and webinars, using technological tools for creating and laying out the graphics and visual design, to make the lessons visually appealing and engaging.
Media specialists provide in-person technical support, training and assistance for all types of audio-visual equipment and media technologies in schools, libraries, and businesses. They teach others how to set up and use various multimedia and recording equipment for presentations, classroom lectures, or meetings.
An authoring specialist is an instructional designer who creates effective and visually-appealing learning material for instruction and assessment, often using automated authoring software tools.
A learning management specialist provides leadership in campus learning management systems and is responsible for the support, design, development, implementation, delivery, and maintenance of resources used for instructional functions.

How to become an Instructional Designer

Step 1
Take any stream at +2

You can take up any stream at +2 level to become an instructional designer.

Step 2
Take Bachelor’s degree

Pursue bachelors in any subject. Degree course spans are for 3 years.

Step 3
Take Master’s degree or Post graduate diploma in Instructional Design

Pursue Masters in instructional designing for 1 to 2 years in India or Abroad or pursue Post graduate diploma/certificate program in instructional designing for 1 year.

Note :

Since this course is still not common in India, there are only very few colleges that offer masters programme.

Instructional Design Colleges

Name State District Type Website Course

Requirements for masters in instructional design

Requirements for admission into a PG course in one of the top institutions to help you get an overall picture

India (Online Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design (PGDID) from SYMBIOSIS, Pune)

  • A Bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognised University.

Foreign(Master of Science in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies from Florida State University)

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution GPA 3.0 out of 4
  • GRE test scores required. Verbal: At or above the 50th percentile, Analytical writing: 3.5 or above
  • TOEFL, minimum score: 85
  • Three recent letters of recommendation

To see the entrance exams, scholarships and UG admission details, click here

Skills Required

Creativity skills

Instructional Designers need to be creative. They need to be able to look at content and find new and exciting ways to present that information to the audience.

Communication Skills

Instructional Designers need to be able to say a lot in a few words. They need good communication skills to draw in the audience.

Research Skills

Instructional Designers need to be able to research the newest trends as well as the needs of the target audience and incorporate them into the design of instructional material and training program.

Interpersonal Skills

Instructional Designers need to be comfortable around people and know how to converse with others to get the content they need to build. Understanding body language, tone, and wording can help the Instructional Designer get the correct message to then put into the training.

Time Management Skills

Instructional Designers need to have good time management skills as they are usually working on several projects at once. They need to be able to keep each project moving forward so the deadlines are met.

Visualization Skills

The ability to visualize the end-result is critical for an instructional designer. With the vision in place, you can begin taking the steps necessary to achieve that vision.

Technology Skills

The e-learning and mobile learning world is full of gizmos, gadgets, and new technology which keeps changing. An instruction designer needs to keep updated about the tools available to the clients.


  • Checked E-learning content development companies
  • Checked Educational Services
  • Checked Advertising
  • Checked Corporate Training
  • Checked Government departments

Top Companies

  • Checked SweetRush
  • Checked EI Design
  • Checked Kineo
  • Checked InfoPro Learning
  • Checked AllenComm
  • Checked PulseLearning
  • Checked CommLab India
  • Checked G-Cube