As a trainer, you will be conducting sessions for educating, inspiring and motivating people to help them develop their abilities. You would develop innovative ways to help people achieve their potential.

What do trainers do?

Trainers conduct classes and training sessions for different types of audiences. They would go to companies, schools and societies to conduct camps. They develop various methods including games and activities to interact with the audience and help them develop themselves. Trainers plan the sessions according to the requirements of the institution or the company.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Conducting training sessions for employees
  • Checked Preparing notes and curriculum for training sessions according to the trainee's needs
  • Checked Including innovative training methods in session
  • Checked Evaluating the performance of participants and making changes in approaches if needed
  • Checked Providing personalized training sessions for individuals to improve their performance in terms of personality, efficiency in the workplace etc
  • Checked Making strategic goals as per the needs of clients
  • Checked Keeping updated on general awareness about required fields
  • Checked Preparing schedule of sessions and informing others
  • Checked Meeting senior executives and taking their opinion about the class he/she is going to take

What are the different job roles in Training?

A corporate trainer works in the business environment to improve the skills and knowledge of the employees
Personality trainer helps and works towards understanding and developing one’s personality through various activities, games and programs.
The main purpose of motivational speakers or trainers is to inspire and motivate others through their own personal experiences and stories.

How to become a trainer?

Step 1
Take any stream at the plus 2

Taking any stream in +2 would make you eligible for becoming a trainer

Step 2
Take a relevant bachelor's degree

Taking relevant bachelor’s degree appropriate to the area (finance/ corporate/ human resources/psychology etc) in which you wish to work as a trainer.

Note :

Taking short term courses or diploma courses which are available in regular or online mode, would equip you to become a trainer.

Step 3
Take relevant post graduation degree

Taking a postgraduate degree in your area of specialisations will enable to take up careers as higher level corporate trainers.

Training Colleges

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Skills Required

Communication Skills

Fluency in communication will help the trainer to present his points in class with clarity.

Intellectual Curiosity

A trainer has to be a constant learner to keep updated with developments in respective fields and to be aware of the latest innovations and methodology that can be employed in the profession.


A trainer needs to use creative methods of training to bring about greater impact in the classes and increase the outcome of the sessions.

Observation skills

Observation skills of trainers will enable them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of trainees and would enable them to make modifications in training strategies.


  • Checked Corporate sector
  • Checked Educational Institutions

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