Human Rights

As a Social service worker dealing in Human Rights, you will be concerned with ensuring the basic rights and freedom to all individuals, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status.

What do human rights workers do?

A human rights worker deals with social issues related to protecting, promoting and enforcing basic human rights like civil rights, freedom from slavery and torture, the right to work and education,the right to life and liberty, freedom of opinion and expression, and many more.

They find out and report any violations; engage in gathering facts by interviewing the affected and provide financial, legal, and emotional support to the affected.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Receiving complaints and identifying the cause and determining the further course of action.
  • Checked Preparing and submitting the case sheets and reports.
  • Checked Planning and conducting educational programs to promote an understanding about the basic human rights and responsibilities.
  • Checked Conducting various activities like seminars, camps, street plays, to make people aware about the various aspects of human rights and legal aid available for people to fight against the breach of basic human rights.
  • Checked Conducting surveys to understand the number of cases and complaints and planning and implementing strategies to reduce such cases.

What are the specialisations in Human Rights?

Human rights defenders or human rights activists are people who, individually or as a team, act to promote or protect human rights. They defend rights as part of their jobs or as a voluntary activity.
The Human Rights Officer receives and investigate complaints received from the public concerning the violations of the Human Rights Act. They also plan, coordinate and conduct research on activities related to migration and human rights. Another important duty of human rights officer is to ensure gender equality.
Human Rights Educators create awareness among the public and especially among students about the relevance of human rights with an aim to build a universal human rights culture. They also make people aware of the issues, and enable them to stand up for the human rights of the affected population.
Human rights lawyer advocates and provides legal aid and services to victims of any human rights violation. Their main aim is to ensure the right to legal assistance and right to a fair trial. They work at the local, national and international levels and in various NGOs.

How To Become a Human Rights worker

Step 1
Take Humanities Stream with Political Science

Studying subjects such as Political Science, History and Sociology at the +2 level and securing maximum score in these subjects would be a prerequisite for admission into prominent institutions for under-graduation.

Note :

Reading newspapers and journals and regular update of current affairs is a must. Participation in debates and discussions will improve the awareness regarding the socio political scenario and it will enable you to form a wider perspective in social discourses.

Step 2
Take Bachelor’s in any Degree

There are hardly any institutions providing Human Rights as a core subject at UG. You can either go for BA Political Science with Human Rights as a complementary course which is a very popular option.

Note :

Under graduate course in law (BA LLB) is also an alternative option.

Step 3
Take Master’s in Human Rights

After UG degree, you can go for MA Human Rights with various subject combinations such as International Relations and Strategic Studies, Minority Rights, Public Administration and Election Studies.

Note :

Law graduates (BA LLB) can also go for Master’s in Human Rights.

Human Rights (Social Services) Colleges

Name State District Type Website Course

Requirements for masters in human rights (social services)

Requirements for admission into a PG course in one of the top institutions to help you get an overall picture

India (from Jamia Millia Islamia for MA Human Rights)

  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized University or an equivalent institution with not less than 50% marks in aggregate
  • Preference will be given to students holding Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights and Duties Education.

Foreign (Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan)

  • Applicants must have passed bachelor's (honours) degree in law or any social science subject or a degree in another discipline with demonstrable interest in human rights with an overall grade in excess of 65 per cent or a CGPA of 5.5/7, 6.5/8, 7.5/9 or 8.5/10
  • IELTS score should be 7/9 with 6.5 in Reading and Listening and 6.0 in Speaking and Writing
  • PTE score should not be lesser than 65/90

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Skills Required


Empathy is very required in this skill in this field. A human rights worker should be able to understand the perspective of others and help them in need.

Advocacy skills

Advocacy skills are highly required in this profession. They have to communicate on behalf of the victims and have to influence the audience to gain support for their cause.

Listening skills

Human rights workers should have good listening skills. They have to listen to the victims, understand and solve their issues.

Analytical skills

Human rights workers should have good analytical skills. They should be able to think critically and arrive at a constructive solution.

Communication skills

Good communication skill is a highly required skill for a human rights worker as they have to communicate clearly about the legal aspects and mediate between two parties.


  • Checked Government Agencies
  • Checked NGO’s
  • Checked International Organisations
  • Checked Law firms

Top Companies/Organisations

  • Checked CRY (Child Rights and You)
  • Checked Human Rights Watch
  • Checked Amnesty International
  • Checked Human Rights Commision of India