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  • Checked Get a deep understanding of yourself in terms of your interests, aptitudes, personalities.
  • Checked Understand your best fit career fields and steps to build a fruitful career in those.
  • Checked Clear your career confusions and prepare a detailed career plan after an expert analysis
  • Checked Development plan for skills and personalities
  • Checked Personalized and holistic career guidance approach
  • Checked Perfect combination of artificial intelligence with highly skilled and well trained career experts.

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Get a deep understanding of yourself

You get a complete understanding of what you really are and what you really want for yourself.


Get to know where you stand in terms of various aptitudes or the competency you possess to perform specific tasks.


Get an in-depth understanding of your personality in terms of various well defined attributes.


Get a quantitative picture of where your interests actually lie.

Work value preference

Get to identify the kind and nature of the work environment that you would prefer.

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Plan your next career move

The Hikewise mechanism provides clear solutions to all your career related confusions after analysing your psychometric traits, socio-economic background, past academic performance and talents in specific fields.

Find your best fit careers

You get to understand which career fields would be the best fit for you and receive guidance from our experts to make the right choice.

Take the right next step

You get assistance on how to boost your career and also on possible career switches and higher eduction.

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Skill building to take your career to the next level

You are given a proper understanding of the skills that the future job market would demand and how you can acquire those.

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Develop your aptitudes and personalities

Hikewise’s outcome oriented continuous mentoring process helps you to bridge your skill gap and allows you to perform to your fullest potential.

Aptitude development strategies

You get actionable techniques on how to improve your aptitudes and this helps you a long way in accelerating your career.

Personality improvement plans

You are given simple and effective plans that help you to become a more all rounded and enhanced individual.

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Choose your perfect stream with Hikewise Rise

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  • Checked Multiple Trait Stream Assessment.
  • Checked Counselling with Our Career Experts.
  • Checked 2 Best-Fit Stream Recommendations
  • Checked Early Stage Career Planning
  • Checked Help on Your Academic Issues
  • Checked Plans for Personal Development.

Choose your perfect career path with Hikewise Sail

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  • Checked Multiple Trait Stream Assessment.
  • Checked Counselling with Our Career Experts.
  • Checked 5 Best-Fit Career Recommendations
  • Checked Choose the Right Course and College
  • Checked Help on Your Academic Issues
  • Checked Develop Your Life Skills

Reinvent your career path with Hikewise Redesign

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  • Checked Multiple Trait Career Assessment.
  • Checked Counselling with Our Career Experts.
  • Checked 5 Best-Fit Career Recommendations
  • Checked Plan Your Next Career Move
  • Checked Help on Bridging Your Skill Gap
  • Checked Develop Your Life Skills

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WHY Hikewise WORKS

Comprehensive and robust, yet simple to use

The Hikewise mechanism developed specifically for the career development of individuals in the Indian context is replete with features that makes it stand out

State of the art technology

A unique career assessment test

State of the art technology

An analytics driven tool that employs sophisticated statistical methods and advanced computational techniques like machine learning.

Multiple trait career assessment

Measures multiple traits that define an individual and matches them to their perfect career.

Intuitive user interface

A completely online test which is based on an intuitive dashboard that ensures a very smooth user experience.

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State of the art technology

Exhaustive assessment report

Critical analysis of the score in each trait

A detailed and clear analysis of what the score in each trait coming under personality, aptitude, work value preferences and emotional quotient means.

Improvement strategies

For each psychometric trait where there is a scope of improvement based on the test score, effective and easy to implement improvement strategies are provided.

Best fit careers based on psychometric profile

Based on a person’s psychometric profile, our sophisticated algorithm suggests the five career fields that are the best fit for them.

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State of the art technology

Scientifically curated post assessment counselling mechanism

Counselling session with dedicated career experts

Each student goes through a personalised one on one counselling session over video conferencing with our dedicated career experts.

Holistic action plan

At the end of the counselling session, each student is given a detailed action plan that covers their career planning, academics, and personal and social development.

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What makes Hikewise unique?

Cultural context oriented research

The most important aspect required of a career test to provide reliable results is that it should be valid in the cultural context that the test taker belongs to. The highly diverse composition that the Indian culture is, makes it a very difficult task to achieve and this is where most of the other Indian career tests fail and what provides Hikewise its unique edge. The meticulous cultural context oriented research process coupled with the extensive scientific framework that Hikewise is built upon which lends it important psychometric properties like objectivity, standardization, and practicability makes it one of India’s most reliable and valid career assessment tests with a scientific reliability of more than 0.9.

Easily accessible to everyone

At every stage of the development of Hikewise, utmost care has been taken to make it easily accessible to everyone in the country. The extremely smooth user experience and low bandwidth compatibility of the Hikewise dashboard ensures that even the remotest part of the country with a low speed mobile internet connectivity is able to take the test. The availability of the Hikewise career test in local languages and the highly affordable pricing structure make sure that language or financial barriers do not come in between an aspiring student and India’s most comprehensive career guidance and development mechanism.

Highly scientific selection of traits

The selection of the specific traits that are to be assessed is one of the most crucial processes in the development of a psychometric or career test. The Indian career counselling and development space that has long been reigned over by pop psychology and an overdose of practices like DMIT and learning styles assessment that has no scientific basis to it whatsoever, has seen a long-awaited exception in Hikewise. The set of traits used in Hikewise which is designed to provide a holistic picture of an individual’s psychometric profile and at the same time doesn’t become a burden to the test taker has been selected on the basis of established scientific mechanisms like the Delphi method and Factor Analysis.

Fully self-administered

The availability of Hikewise career assessment test as a completely online platform and the use of detailed, simple and well-structured instructions that have been tested and experimented to be able to connect with anyone irrespective of their cognitive abilities makes Hikewise a fully self-administered psychometric or career test. This makes Hikewise highly disruptive owing to its ability to provide a comfortable and flexible test taking experience even at the nooks and corners of the country and a welcome alternative to the prevalent pen and paper tests that are clumsy, time taking and highly prone to human errors.

Actionable outcomes

Being able to provide well defined and actionable insights and outcomes to support the different sets of dynamics that govern a complex process like career decision making and career counselling including those between the parent-student, counsellor-student, and counsellor-parent is something that renders Hikewise as extra unique and sets it apart from the currently available career tests that often beats around the bush by providing results that are neither predictive nor diagnostic.

Frequently asked questions

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process through which trained professionals use their expertise to guide and facilitate important career-related decisions in the lives of individuals.

Why is career counselling important?

Career plays a major role in an individual’s life. It decides where an individual will be and what he/she will be doing in the future. As we spend a part of their life at work. Career counselling helps individuals to identify the right career track and tune their skills to meet the expectations.

How can career guidance at the right time help me?

Individuals spend major part of their life at work. So, it’s necessary to choose the right career. Career guidance helps an individual to identify the right career and mold themselves to meet the career requirements. Thus, career guidance at the right time is important.

What is the importance of scientific career tests in career counselling?

Career can affect the quality of life an individual enjoys. Thus, identifying the right career at an early age is very important. Scientific career tests takes into account various social and psychological parameters to direct an individual to make the right career choice. It’s proven to be more efficient and also eliminate the chance for human error.

How can I choose the perfect career after 12th?

Career is an important part of an individual's life. It’s very important to identify the right career at an early stage of life. When you choose a career path after 12th, you should make sure it matches your interests and capabilities. Thus, understanding yourself becomes important. It is always advocated to take the help of a career counselor while making a career decision. Here at Hikewise, our professionally trained career experts can help you make that decision.

What stream should I choose after 10th?

This depends on who you are, your personal skills and your interests. This choice can affect what you will be doing in the future. So, understand the pros and cons of each stream and make a sensible decision. If you’re still having doubts, you can contact our career experts at Hikewise for guidance.

I am a working professional. Is it too late for me to make a career switch/change?

Better late than never. If you think you need a career change, it’s never too late to make a switch. Sticking to a career that doesn’t fit you, won’t do anyone any good. At hikewise, we’ve designed a career guidance program name Hikewise redesign specially for people who are looking for a career switch. You can check out our website for more information.

I am a high school (class 8/9/10) student. Should I start planning my career now itself?

Career plays an important role in an individual's life. It’s always better to plan ahead. At high school, you’re about to make a major decision regarding your career. You’ll have to choose the stream of study you should go for after 10th. This decision will have a major impact on the rest of your career. Thus, it’s better to start planning when you’re in high school itself. If you think you need professional help, you can contact Hikewise career team for career guidance.

I am having doubts about my career path. How can I make the perfect career change now?

You’re not the only one. Most people faces this situation at different points of time in their career. As career plays a major role in an individual's life, it’s always better to go ahead and clear this as soon as possible. But you need to deal with this systematically. First, you need to understand your interests, aptitudes, and personality. Then, compare it with the prospects of your current career and identify if you need a career switch. If you’re still having doubts, we would suggest you to log in to our website and take professional help from our career experts.

How do I know whether I need a career change/switch?

Are you happy with your career? Do the prospects of your current career match your personal goals? You need to answer these two questions first to understand if you need a career switch. If the answer is no, you probably need a career switch. As career change needs to be systematic, it’s always better to take professional help while making this decision. At Hikewise, we’ve a team of trained professionals who can help you.

Do you provide career counseling online?

Yes, we do. We truly understand that we need to cross geographical boundaries to reach everyone who needs our help. So, Hikewise has customized its methodology to meet the requirements of online platforms.

What is Hikewise’s career test?

Hikewise believes in making the career guidance process more scientific. So, our programs are designed to be a perfect blend of scientific tests and personal counseling. Hikewise career test is a psychometric test that assesses an individual using psychological, behavioral, social and personal parameters. Hikewise uses a career test as a tool to have a better understanding of an individual's aptitude, cognitive skills, and personality and thereby help him/her in making informed decisions.

How effective is Hikewise’s mechanism in providing the right career guidance?

At Hikewise, we understand that career plays an important role in our life. It decides where our life takes us. Our programs are designed to be a perfect blend of scientific tests and personal counseling. We help individuals to get a deeper understanding of themselves in terms of their interests, aptitudes, personalities, identify their best-fit career fields, clear all their career-related doubts and prepares a detailed career plan after expert analysis using scientific tools. Our holistic guidance approach combines artificial intelligence and efficient career counseling to lead you on the right track.

Tell me about the Career Experts who will guide me through my career choice?

Your career choice will be in the safe hands of some of the top career coaches in India. Our team of career counsellors and experts consists of specialists from premier institutions such as IITs, central universities and foriegn universities and include India’s leading psychologists, with 15+ years of experience in the field.

Will I receive any support from your end after my sessions are over?

Yes, surely. We believe in end-to-end career support and will be in constant touch with you for any type of help you may need after your sessions are over. You will get online and chat support from our career experts for all your career-related queries.

When is the right time to start counselling/guidance?

The time is always right to take a scientific approach for your career, and the earlier, the better. The career/stream choice assessment and counselling is applicable to students from 8th class onwards. Getting early exposure gives you enough time to explore your interests and abilities, thus enabling a more accurate career decision.

There are many career counselling websites available. Why should I choose Hikewise?

Hikewise’s career assessment platform has been developed by some of the top psychometricians, researchers and industry experts in the world. Our framework and career assessment are not based on any global tools but have been developed from the ground up, specifically keeping in mind the Indian context. It is validated and the most accurate assessment, with research data collected from over 10,000 students from all across India. It uses state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistical Methods like Item response theory, Analytical Hierarchy Process. Click here to see Hikewise's research process.

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