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I am finding it difficult to adjust with my current career field, should I consider a career switch?

How do I make the perfect higher education choice that can boost my career?

I think I have made the wrong choice with my course. What to do now?

I am concerned about my career growth. What can I do?

What skills should I acquire to get my dream job?

How do I perform better in competitive exams where aptitudes are tested?

I think I am lacking some specific skills needed to perform well in my job. What can I do?

I am not satisfied with the way I am writing my exams. What should I do about this?

I am not able to perform well even after studying hard in college. How to tackle this?

I have stress issues. How to solve this?

I am involved in a lot of activities outside work/academics. How to manage my time perfectly?

I find it difficult to mingle with people and work in teams. How to improve my people skills?

I am never able to properly follow a schedule. How can I bring more order into my life?

Get a deep understanding of yourself

Hikewise helps you explore your unique set of potentials and talents so that you can start taking your life forward in a direction that offers you a sense of fulfilment. You also get a complete understanding of what you really are and what you really want for yourself.


You get to know where you stand in terms of various aptitudes or the competency you possess to perform specific tasks.


You get an in-depth understanding of your personality in terms of various well defined attributes.


You get a quantitative picture of where your interests actually lie.

Work value preference

You get to identify the kind and nature of the work environment that you would prefer.

Emotional quotient

You get a clear measure of your emotional skills.

Plan your next career move

The Hikewise mechanism provides clear solutions to all your career related confusions after analysing your psychometric traits, socio-economic background, past academic performance and talents in specific fields.

Find your best fit careers

You get to understand which career fields would be the best fit for you and receive guidance from our experts to make the right choice.

Take the right next step

You get assistance on how to boost your career and also on possible career switches and higher eduction.

Ease your path through tailor made resources

You are given a clear direction on how to effectively use the resources available offline and online to get to your best fit careers much more easily.

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Skill building to take your career to the next level

You are given a proper understanding of the skills that the future job market would demand and how you can acquire those.

Develop your aptitudes

Hikewise’s outcome oriented continuous mentoring process helps you to bridge your skill gap and allows you to perform to your fullest potential.

Aptitude development strategies

You get actionable techniques on how to improve your aptitudes and this helps you a long way in accelerating your career.

Areas to focus

You get to understand the areas you have to start focusing on in your academics and work inorder to enhance your career.

Gain clarity on your personal development

The Hikewise mechanism gives you a thorough understanding of how you are as a person, both in the individual space and in a social setting. It also gives you practical solutions and continuous support to identify areas of improvement and bring about change wherever required.

Personality improvement plans

You are given simple and effective plans that help you to become a more all rounded and enhanced individual.

Activities to focus

You are provided with activities that you can take up along with your work/academics in order to bring the required improvements in your personality.

WHY Hikewise WORKS

Comprehensive and robust, yet simple to use

The Hikewise mechanism developed specifically for the career development of individuals in the Indian context is replete with features that makes it stand out

State of the art technology

A unique career assessment test

State of the art technology

An analytics driven tool that employs sophisticated statistical methods and advanced computational techniques like machine learning.

Multiple trait career assessment

Measures multiple traits that define an individual and matches them to their perfect career.

Intuitive user interface

A completely online test which is based on an intuitive dashboard that ensures a very smooth user experience.

Available in multiple languages

Offered in local languages (currently in Malayalam) so that the test is accessible to everyone irrespective of their language abilities.

Critical Analysis of the score in each trait

Exhaustive assessment report

View Sample Report

Critical analysis of the score in each trait

A detailed and clear analysis of what the score in each trait coming under personality, aptitude, work value preferences and emotional quotient means.

Improvement strategies

For each psychometric trait where there is a scope of improvement based on the test score, effective and easy to implement improvement strategies are provided.

Best fit careers based on psychometric profile

Based on a person’s psychometric profile, our sophisticated algorithm suggests the five career fields that are the best fit for them.

Comprehensive information on career opportunities

Comprehensive information about the opportunities with different careers are explained in the report through concise mind maps.

Vital importance to parent’s perspective

Scientifically curated post assessment counselling mechanism

Counselling session with dedicated career experts

Each student goes through a personalised one on one counselling session over video conferencing with our dedicated career experts.

Easily accessible to anyone from any part of the country

The counselling sessions are designed to work completely online on low bandwidth connections as well making it easily accessible to remote locations of the country.

Holistic action plan

At the end of the counselling session, each student is given a detailed action plan that covers their career planning, academics, and personal and social development.

Vital importance to parent’s perspective

Continuous mentoring and exhaustive pool of career resources

Continuous mentoring

Each student is offered continuous support on implementing their action plans through multiple counselling sessions.

Chat support for all career related queries

Get assistance from our career experts on all career related queries through the Hikewise Chat with Expert system.

Exhaustive set of resources on the Hikewise website

Comprehensive information about any career related topic is provided to everyone through the Hikewise Career Library and the Hikewise blog.

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₹ 2400

Career Assessment

  • Multiple Trait Career Assessment
  • Career Interest Areas Assessment
  • Personality Aspects Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Work Value Preferences Assessment
  • 56-Page Career Assessment Report
  • View Sample Report

  • A Detailed Picture of your Psychometric Profile
  • 5 Best-Fit Career Recommendations
  • Detailed Career Info in the Form of Mind Maps


₹ 3400

Career Assessment + Counselling

  • Multiple Trait Career Assessment
  • Career Interest Areas Assessment
  • Personality Aspects Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Work Value Preferences Assessment
  • 56-Page Career Assessment Report
  • View Sample Report

  • A Detailed Picture of your Psychometric Profile
  • 5 Best-Fit Career Recommendations
  • Detailed Career Info in the Form of Mind Maps
  • 2-Month Online Support for all Career-Related Queries
  • Online one on one Counselling Session with our Career Experts
  • Comprehensive Action Plan for Your Holistic Development
  • View Sample Action Plan

  • Assistance on Possible Career Switches and Higher Education
  • Tailor Made Resources to Ease Your Career Path
  • Skill Building to Take Your Career to The Next Level
  • Aptitude Development Strategies
  • Areas to Focus in Academics/Work to Enhance Your Career
  • Personality Improvement Plans
  • Activities to Focus for Personal Development

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